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 The Eagle Glen Community : One of Knoxville, TN's most beautiful neighborhoods!
Eagle Glen
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Please remember to slow down and abide by the neighborhood speed limit of 25 mph. This will keep the neighborhood children safe! Please avoid parking on curves. A danger arises for driver’s who have decreased visibility of oncoming traffic, walkers and bike riders.


Eagle Glen News

News From the Board

Many homes have sold recently in our neighborhood. Please welcome your new neighbors and encourage them to review this website for valuable information.

Eagle Glen Perimeter Tree Project Report Updated 12/20/17

Neighborhood Restrictions/By-Laws



We continue to be represented by the same willing neighbors who keep our property values up, organize the care of the common areas, get us together annually for the picnic, plan for the garage sale, get down and dirty making repairs, as well as so many other responsibilities we don’t ever hear about. The next time you see any of our officers and board members, please thank them. Please find the list of Board Members at the "Association" Tab in the Menu.

Good Neighbor Notes

Please observe the 25 MPH speed limit in Eagle Glen. Stop at all STOP signs, and use caution as you drive through Eagle Glen.

Early in the morning during the week, please watch for children awaiting buses, and drive slowly.


  1. Please keep your pets quiet so as not to disturb your neighbors.

    For the safety of all, please leash or fence your pets. An animals' behavior is not always predictable. In a moment, a small child or another pet could be attacked with horrible consequences.

  2. Please clean up after your pet to keep the neighborhood clean and to help avoid messy pedestrian surprises!

  3. The leash law pertains to BOTH dogs and cats. Although your pets may love their freedom, your neighbors do not appreciate them visiting shrubbery and garages. They are also in danger of becoming road kill. Please observe the law.

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