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 The Eagle Glen Community : One of Knoxville, TN's most beautiful neighborhoods!
Eagle Glen
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  1. Please keep your pets quiet so as not to disturb your neighbors.

  2. For the safety of all, please leash or fence your pets. An animals' behavior is not always predictable. In a moment, a small child or another pet could be attacked with horrible consequences.

  3. Please clean up after your pet to keep the neighborhood clean and to help avoid messy pedestrian surprises!


Get Connected!

Are you looking to connect with Eagle Glen neighbors to share hobbies and interests? Need a walking, running, or golfing buddy? Post your information here or contact one of your neighbors from this page to get connected with other Eagle Glen residents who share your interests!

Casual or Fitness Walking
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Add your name here!

The Eagle Glen Book Club
Meets Every 4th Tuesday at Lakeside Tavern for Lunch. For information, please contact Marcia Powerat marshbowwow@yahoo.com. We welcome all neighbors to join us!

Other Hobbies & Interests???
We'll add them, just let us know!

To add yourself to this page or to suggest additional topics, send email to Sandy Waggett.

Good Neighbor Notes

Please remember to slow down and abide by the neighborhood speed limit of 25 mph. This will keep the neighborhood children safe!

Please avoid parking on curves. A danger arises for driver’s who have decreased visibility of oncoming traffic, walkers and bike riders.

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