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 The Eagle Glen Community : One of Knoxville, TN's most beautiful neighborhoods!

Eagle Glen News

News From the Board


Trees along Westland between Eagle Glen Boulevard and Northshore and at the Westland entrance were planted in March 2016. Irrigation was installed with water coming from the boulevard system. The new trees will be watered through the first growing season to help them get established. They are expected to grow two thirds to three quarters of their mature size in eight to ten years and continue to grow to mature height ranging from 15 – 40 feet tall. The area has been mulched to enhance appearance and define the area to allow for maintenance. Additional trees from other sections, three dead and one leaning toward homes and at risk of falling were removed and stumps ground. One additional tree fell toward Westland and was removed.

Next steps: The plan is to collect money allocated, approximately $10,000/year from the budget over time until we have funds to remove and replace trees in other sections as close to the time of removal as possible. Work in the next phase, section 1 – east of the Westland entrance, is tentatively planned in 2018. The third phase will involve Section 3, along Northshore, likely by 2021.

Neighborhood Restrictions/By-Laws




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Good Neighbor Notes

As summer approaches and children are out of school, please observe the 25 MPH speed limit in Eagle Glen. Stop at all STOP signs, and use caution as you drive through Eagle Glen.

Watch for news about the irrigation system for the Westland landscaping.

Thanks to Griffin Gardens for the landscaping at the Westland entrance. And thanks to Karen Stripling for her leadership in getting the task completed.


  1. Please keep your pets quiet so as not to disturb your neighbors.

    For the safety of all, please leash or fence your pets. An animals' behavior is not always predictable. In a moment, a small child or another pet could be attacked with horrible consequences.

  2. Please clean up after your pet to keep the neighborhood clean and to help avoid messy pedestrian surprises!

  3. The leash law pertains to BOTH dogs and cats. Although your pets may love their freedom, your neighbors do not appreciate them visiting shrubbery and garages. They are also in danger of becoming road kill. Please observe the law.

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