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 The Eagle Glen Community : One of Knoxville, TN's most beautiful neighborhoods!

Eagle Glen News

New Neighborhood Stop Signs
You probably have noticed the new stop signs in the neighborhood. The old custom signs were made of composite wood and had several problems. One had been stolen. Others had holes bored into them. Judging by the holes, we suspect they had been damaged by either carpenter bees or woodpeckers. This became a much larger project than one would expect. Many thanks to Marcia and Bill Power for the hours that they spent on this project. The signs that have been installed meet county specifications and regulations for safety which increases safety and reduces liability for the neighborhood. And besides that, they look beautiful and coordinate well with existing street signs posts and street lamps.

News From the Board

Quarterly Board Meeting Summaries


Work along Section 1 – The removal of the remaining pines along Westland will begin the week of 12/28/17. New trees will be planted in late February. See the Perimeter Tree Project Report on this website for more details about the project over time and next steps planned.

Neighborhood Restrictions/By-Laws




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Good Neighbor Notes

  1. Please keep your pets quiet so as not to disturb your neighbors.

    For the safety of all, please leash or fence your pets. An animals' behavior is not always predictable. In a moment, a small child or another pet could be attacked with horrible consequences.

  2. Please clean up after your pet to keep the neighborhood clean and to help avoid messy pedestrian surprises!

  3. The leash law pertains to BOTH dogs and cats. Although your pets may love their freedom, your neighbors do not appreciate them visiting shrubbery and garages. They are also in danger of becoming road kill. Please observe the law.

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